No Good Deed – Goldy Moldavsky


He’s not asking for much. All Gregor Maravilla wants to do is feed all the starving children on the planet. So when he’s selected to join Camp Save the World – a special summer program for teenage activists from all over the country – to champion their cause, Gregor’s sure he’s on the path to becoming Someone Great.


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Gregor Maravilla doesn’t want much. Just to feed all the starving children. That’s why he goes to Camp Save the World, a summer program for teen activists who care about making a difference. What could be better?It’s almost perfect. Except some of these causes are kind of… strange. Like Eat Dirt — a campaign started by up-and-coming actress Ashley Woodstone. Gregor wasn’t a fan of her work before, and he’s certain she’s only there now because of her fame. But Gregor is determined to not let her ruin his experience.And then the contest is announced. That’s when the sabotage starts. They want to see who can do the most good. But that leads to the most bad.No good deed goes unpunished.



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