The Star of Kazan – Eva Ibbotson


Left on a church doorstep and raised by two loving servants, Annika’s happy life is greatly altered when a rich aristocrat arrives at her door, tells her that she is her real mother, and takes her to live in a crumbling castle far away from the only family she has ever known.


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In 1896, in a pilgrim church in the Alps, an abandoned baby girl is found by a cook and a housemaid. They take her home, and Annika grows up in the servants’ quarters of a house belonging to three eccentric Viennese professors. She is happy there, but dreams of the day when her real mother will come to find her. And sure enough, one day a glamorous stranger arrives at the door. After years of guilt and searching, Annika’s mother has come to claim her daughter, who is in fact a Prussian aristocrat whose true home is a great castle. But at crumbling, spooky Spittal Annika discovers that all is not as it seems in the lives of her new-found family . . .



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